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The BASIS – Genome Study (gBASIS) is a large project aiming to understand the link between genetics, brain development and autism.

The purpose of the study is to collect genetic data from the family members of children who have taken part in the British Autism Study of Infant Siblings (BASIS) and the affiliated STAARS study, and to investigate genetic variance in these families.

We are also going to link genetic features to early neural signs of developmental disorders, measured at the Birkbeck Babylab when the children were younger. This will allow us to understand more about the causal link between genetic variations and neurodevelopment.

This will allow us to study the extent to which genetic features associated with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) explain the range of individual differences in behavioural characteristics in family members who did or did not develop the disorder. This will help not only to improve our knowledge of the genetics of psychiatric diseases, but also to identify their biological causes.

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