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The STAARS Project

Autism and ADHD are developmental disorders affecting social development and communication. Currently, it is rare that autism or ADHD is diagnosed earlier than two years of age when symptoms are sufficiently clear. Over the past decades, scientific research has advanced our understanding of the neurobiological basis of autism and ADHD in older children and adults. By contrast, very little is known about how the conditions develop over the first few years.


Using newly developed techniques for studying brain and behaviour in infants, STAARS scientists will identify the earliest signs of these disorders in those infants that eventually develop symptoms of autism or ADHD.


Understanding the nature of these early signs will allow for earlier and more effective intervention aimed at improving the quality of life of children and their families.


Who are we funded by?


BASIS was formally launched in May 2008, following funding from a consortium of charities led by Austistica, with support from the Medical Research Council and the EU-AIMS project. 


For a recent Guardian article about the EU-AIMS project click here!

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